Monday, December 1, 2008

Working, Wet & Worried...

I can sum up my whole weekend with those 3 w's. Friday since we all had off we worked on the house, well Chris and dad did I was watching Riley. They got all of the wire ran for the electric and dad finished everything by Sunday..I was impressed with the guys:) Saturday was Florida/FSU and Wet is the only word I have for that game. Sunday we were worried all day Riley has had this cold for a couple weeks but had gotten better during last week. Sunday she was really congested and her cough wasn't a dry cough anymore so off to the doctor we went. I was just worried that it had gotten in her chest...they listened to her and checked everything and she got a clean bill of health as far as it being in her chest. The dr. said she just had a "cold" for now, Riley has her shots on Wed. and I am so thankful because after those I can finally give her actual medecine. We're suppose to take her back by Friday if it doesn't clear please pray that it does and she get to be a non-stoppy lil girl again. The weekend wasn't all that terrible so I can't complain, just looking forward to a quick week and to get things off to a good start on this Monday!