Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We Shall Call Him Neigh-Neigh

Neigh-Neigh is a little horse toy that we got from the Babies R' Us at Regency when it was closing. He was only $4 and is so worth every penny! Yesterday I laid Riley under her play mat and I hung this little horse above her, she was having a blast smiling and laughing at him. She is getting the hand to mouth coordination down and was putting her hand out to touch him and he would jingle every time she would hit him. She thought this was AMAZING and couldn't be more pleased with herself. We were at my in-laws last night and I was telling Mrs. Gina about this and she was telling me how one day when they had watched Riley they were playing with him (I had packed him in her bag) and they had decided to name him Neigh-Neigh. Perfect name since when you mash his sides he the moral to the story is Riley has her first pet(toy) a horse who shall be named Neigh-Neigh and I think he'll be sticking around for a long time! On a side note Riley had her first set of shots today, she did very good and only cried for a few minutes...however after the Tylenol wore of she was in alot of pain and extremely fussy, so I gave her some more Tylenol and she has calmed down but please pray she doesn't have to go through any more extreme pain like that...I will be administering Tylenol every 4 hours so hopefully it will be a good painless night:)


Lauren said...

Hope Riley is feeling better! Natalie won't stop talking about how cute she is. =)