Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Amazing Year...

Amazing is the word that can sum up the past year of my life as of Aug. 16, 2008. That was the day I married my wonderful husband, now he can be a pain at times..LOL but I wouldn't change him for the world:-) The past year I have gotten married and married into the best family, had our cute as a button baby girl, watched our lil' munchkin start school at Trinity, found a church home for our family, got to meet my FAVORITE band in the world Rascal Flatts, and journeyed to Miami to watch the Gators win the 2008 National Championship! It had been such a great year filled with so many memories...I can't wait to see what the many years to come have to offer us! I Love You Christopher Lee Burns, thank you for the best year of my life (so far).....

Our Orange & Blue Wedding:-)

Me, Genn & Kimbo

Rascal Flatts


Logan on his 1st day of Pre-K

2008 National Championship Game

Back To School+Back To Blogging....

I have been so busy trying to get everything ready for Logan's return to school (Kindergarten) to be exact that I have been totally slacking on my blogging. So far this month, I have celebrated my 1st Anniversary:-) with the best hubby ever! Our lil' man has started K5 and he is so excited to be back in school, he already had his monthly Bible verse memorized and it's only been 1 week. Riley had her ear tube check up and everything was A-OK, she has been so happy and sleeping so much better since her tubes. Looking forward into next month we are busy, busy, busy...we have the start of GATOR FOOTBALL SEASON *YEAH*, we can't wait! I am also planning Riley's 1st birthday party, I already have the invitations and cake lined up just have to get the decorations and food in order. We can't believe that out lil' baby will be 1 year old in a month oh how time flies! Here are some pictures from the past month...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

To Daddy...

Ever since I made the video of Riley and Chris, I have been wanting to make one for Logan & Chris. Logan picked out the pictures and I put them together. Just wanted to share it...Hope you guys enjoy it!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Pop-Up Video

I loved that are a couple videos of Riley that I have recorded over the past few weeks. Our lil' girl turns 10 months old today! Still can't believe how big she's getting....(Blogger was taking forever so I used YouTube) Hope you get some laughs:-)