Sunday, December 6, 2009

Can This Be True...

Ahhh has it really been since September that I have blogged! Time def. doesn't stand still. We have so many things going on and been traveling so much with football that I have totally slacked in my blogging duties. I will go back to Oct. to update...Riley turned 1 on Oct. 3rd and has grown so much that she is no longer our lil' baby but our lil' girl. It makes me and Chris so upset that she is getting so big but at the same time we love seeing all the new things she is learning and doing. Halloween was fun we went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party and had a blast as we always do at Disney. November was spent getting prepared for the holiday season..I mean I was ready to start decorating the 2nd week we were in Nov. but my husband wouldn't allow it so I waited until the 3rd LOL:-) Now we are in Dec. and I cannot honestly believe how fast this year has went by! I am thankful that football season is coming to a close (most of you are shocked I know) but we went to every single game except LSU so i'm a lil' worn out and ready to be home for a full weekend. This Christmas will be our first Christmas in our new house and I am loving it..the whole house is decorated and it feels so great to make a fire in a real fireplace and lay in front of it! I have completed all my Christmas shopping (go me) minus my husband but something for the Gators, Eagles or Rays and we're all good (thank goodness he isn't complicated:-) Church has been wonderful I am loving my Bible Study group and all the ladies in it, we have a good time. I am being (re)Baptised tonight and cannot wait! As I start looking back on the year it's amazing what God has done in my life and I cannot thank Him enough for all his blessings. Almost one year ago in Dec./Jan. God would give me and Chris one of the biggest blessings ever our daughter Riley...which just so happened to be while we were in Orlando for the Gators playing in the Capital One Bowl in 2007/2008 since it was New Years:-) We didn't know what God was doing then, but we do now and we thank him so much for showing us His love and giving us all our many blessings! I am looking forward to this upcoming week..we are headed to Orlando since Logan has a half-day of school on Friday since Trinity is headed to the State playoffs Go Trinity..TCA ALL THE WAY:-) we will be headed to Disney for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas & Sea World! I got a new camera which i'm loving it's a SLR so i'm trying to get use to it but so far so good and I promise lots of picture updates on the upcoming post. I am not promising to keep this updated every day like I use to but I am going to try and keep it updated at least once a week (I hope) so until then hope everyone has has a great weekend and hopefully a great upcoming week!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blogging Blackout...

It feels like forever since I have blogged...with school back in full swing and the start of football season I have been very absent lately. I'm getting back into the routine so hopefully I will back to normal updates:-) So here are our happenings from the past couple weeks..Logan is loving school and learning so much it is amazing, Riley is almost fully walking around and has her 1st birthday coming up on Oct. 3rd (talk about time flying), we started the 2009 Gator Football Season and have been to 2 games already but looking forward to the next one the most (Tenn. on the 19th) and then our trip to Kentucky after that, this past week was revival at our church First Baptist Church of Boulougne and it was nothing short of AMAZING...Rick Coram is an awesome man of God and blessed us so much! We bought 4 of his cd's with his sermons on them so that we can always go back and listen to them, talk about someone who has been givin the gift to bring people to God...words cannot describe it. We have been having so much fun the past couple weeks with everything and been blessed so much by revival. We have also had some bad news though and not wanting to go into detail just asking for everyone's prayers and knowing that everything is in HIS will and we will make it through with Gods grace and presence. I do have to buckle down and get Riley's party all in order i'm hoping to have invitations go out tomorrow and then it's just ordering the supplies and hoping for some very nice weather.

Our New Scoreboard

My Goofy Husband

Getting Ready With 2 Bits-4 Bits

Munchkin Man

Having Fun

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Off She Goes...

Riley is walking around with the ocassional crawling...she will be 11 months on Thursday, ugh almost a year old..where does the time go:-)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Amazing Year...

Amazing is the word that can sum up the past year of my life as of Aug. 16, 2008. That was the day I married my wonderful husband, now he can be a pain at times..LOL but I wouldn't change him for the world:-) The past year I have gotten married and married into the best family, had our cute as a button baby girl, watched our lil' munchkin start school at Trinity, found a church home for our family, got to meet my FAVORITE band in the world Rascal Flatts, and journeyed to Miami to watch the Gators win the 2008 National Championship! It had been such a great year filled with so many memories...I can't wait to see what the many years to come have to offer us! I Love You Christopher Lee Burns, thank you for the best year of my life (so far).....

Our Orange & Blue Wedding:-)

Me, Genn & Kimbo

Rascal Flatts


Logan on his 1st day of Pre-K

2008 National Championship Game

Back To School+Back To Blogging....

I have been so busy trying to get everything ready for Logan's return to school (Kindergarten) to be exact that I have been totally slacking on my blogging. So far this month, I have celebrated my 1st Anniversary:-) with the best hubby ever! Our lil' man has started K5 and he is so excited to be back in school, he already had his monthly Bible verse memorized and it's only been 1 week. Riley had her ear tube check up and everything was A-OK, she has been so happy and sleeping so much better since her tubes. Looking forward into next month we are busy, busy, busy...we have the start of GATOR FOOTBALL SEASON *YEAH*, we can't wait! I am also planning Riley's 1st birthday party, I already have the invitations and cake lined up just have to get the decorations and food in order. We can't believe that out lil' baby will be 1 year old in a month oh how time flies! Here are some pictures from the past month...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

To Daddy...

Ever since I made the video of Riley and Chris, I have been wanting to make one for Logan & Chris. Logan picked out the pictures and I put them together. Just wanted to share it...Hope you guys enjoy it!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Pop-Up Video

I loved that are a couple videos of Riley that I have recorded over the past few weeks. Our lil' girl turns 10 months old today! Still can't believe how big she's getting....(Blogger was taking forever so I used YouTube) Hope you get some laughs:-)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Praying for Stellan...

Prayers for Stellan

Stellan and his family are in desperate need for our prayers. Stellan has had another and the worse attack so far of his SVT and is not looking good. Please pray for him and his family and pray hard! If you want to read his story and updates please go here or click on the banner above to read his story and get updates on his status and if you Twitter you can follow MckMama's tweets here I'm asking ANYONE & EVERYONE who reads my blog, which I know isn't many...but all of your prayers are needed. God can do amazing things please pray he will help Stellan and his family in their time of need! Thank You Everyone!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Riley's Song...

Darius Rucker opened for Rascal Flatts last night one of the song's he sang was "It Won't Be Like This For Long" which we have named (Riley's Song) so when he started to sing it I just had to record some of it:-)

Here is the video I made a while back with the song and some of Riley's pictures:

100th Rascal Lovin'..... 100th post! I cannot believe it's been almost a year since I started blogging and it has been a great journey. Being able to share our stories and life with all of you has been a blessing and we cannot wait to see where the road keeps leading us. On another high note: last night was the Rascal Flatts Rascal Flatts is my FAVORITE band and everytime they have been here I haven't been able to go see them. When we found out they were making a stop here I was so excited but my husband said he didn't want to go. I was bummed but then the day the tix. went on sale for the fan club vip, my wonderful husband got us 2 tickets:-) We put in for meet and greets and got those too...whoo I was ecstatic that I would get to meet them! Last night was AMAZING, Darius Rucker opened up the show and was really good he even played some Hootie & The Blowfish songs...I got to meet the guys, our seats were on the 9th row and the show was beyond anything I expected....I had such a great time and I can't thank my hubby enough!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Child Monday...

Following in MckMama's footsteps, you can go visit her over at MyCharmingKids....Not My Child Monday!

My child did not walk out of this house and get into the car with no shoes or socks on on our way to a surprise birthday party..(I guess it was us who got the surprise)

Our munchkin does not cry almost every single time he has to come back home with us from being with Papa all weekend.

Our child does not beg to watch Spongebob all day long and all night, and we of course do not allow that just because it keeps him from driving us nuts:-)

Our munchkin did not take marker and write all over his new furniture and on the bathroom counter...(which I still can't get to come off)

Our lil' girl will not scream whenever me or her daddy gets up to walk out the room ( I refuse to believe she is that attached to us:-)

Our child does not put on my bras and ask why he doesn't have boobies and then proceed to say he sometimes wants to be...just like me:-) (I know this is a phase but I'm not looking forward to the talks that are in our future)

Lastly, our children are not the best things to ever happen to us and we do not thank God everyday for blessing us with two beautiful, wonderful, and glorious children!

Hope everyone else has a Not My Child, Not So Wonderful Monday!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A New Look...

I have refreshed my's my first time creating a new header with Photoshop so please understand:-) I promise the next one will be better! Hope you guys enjoy the new look and hopefully I will continue my new found skills on the next one. Just a little side note Photoshop is AMAZING, I never knew you could do so much stuff with one picture program! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and continues into a wonderful week...