Sunday, December 6, 2009

Can This Be True...

Ahhh has it really been since September that I have blogged! Time def. doesn't stand still. We have so many things going on and been traveling so much with football that I have totally slacked in my blogging duties. I will go back to Oct. to update...Riley turned 1 on Oct. 3rd and has grown so much that she is no longer our lil' baby but our lil' girl. It makes me and Chris so upset that she is getting so big but at the same time we love seeing all the new things she is learning and doing. Halloween was fun we went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party and had a blast as we always do at Disney. November was spent getting prepared for the holiday season..I mean I was ready to start decorating the 2nd week we were in Nov. but my husband wouldn't allow it so I waited until the 3rd LOL:-) Now we are in Dec. and I cannot honestly believe how fast this year has went by! I am thankful that football season is coming to a close (most of you are shocked I know) but we went to every single game except LSU so i'm a lil' worn out and ready to be home for a full weekend. This Christmas will be our first Christmas in our new house and I am loving it..the whole house is decorated and it feels so great to make a fire in a real fireplace and lay in front of it! I have completed all my Christmas shopping (go me) minus my husband but something for the Gators, Eagles or Rays and we're all good (thank goodness he isn't complicated:-) Church has been wonderful I am loving my Bible Study group and all the ladies in it, we have a good time. I am being (re)Baptised tonight and cannot wait! As I start looking back on the year it's amazing what God has done in my life and I cannot thank Him enough for all his blessings. Almost one year ago in Dec./Jan. God would give me and Chris one of the biggest blessings ever our daughter Riley...which just so happened to be while we were in Orlando for the Gators playing in the Capital One Bowl in 2007/2008 since it was New Years:-) We didn't know what God was doing then, but we do now and we thank him so much for showing us His love and giving us all our many blessings! I am looking forward to this upcoming week..we are headed to Orlando since Logan has a half-day of school on Friday since Trinity is headed to the State playoffs Go Trinity..TCA ALL THE WAY:-) we will be headed to Disney for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas & Sea World! I got a new camera which i'm loving it's a SLR so i'm trying to get use to it but so far so good and I promise lots of picture updates on the upcoming post. I am not promising to keep this updated every day like I use to but I am going to try and keep it updated at least once a week (I hope) so until then hope everyone has has a great weekend and hopefully a great upcoming week!


Amanda Hoyt said...

Great to see you back, Andrea!
Merry Christmas!