Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Child Monday...

Following in MckMama's footsteps, you can go visit her over at MyCharmingKids....Not My Child Monday!

My child did not walk out of this house and get into the car with no shoes or socks on on our way to a surprise birthday party..(I guess it was us who got the surprise)

Our munchkin does not cry almost every single time he has to come back home with us from being with Papa all weekend.

Our child does not beg to watch Spongebob all day long and all night, and we of course do not allow that just because it keeps him from driving us nuts:-)

Our munchkin did not take marker and write all over his new furniture and on the bathroom counter...(which I still can't get to come off)

Our lil' girl will not scream whenever me or her daddy gets up to walk out the room ( I refuse to believe she is that attached to us:-)

Our child does not put on my bras and ask why he doesn't have boobies and then proceed to say he sometimes wants to be...just like me:-) (I know this is a phase but I'm not looking forward to the talks that are in our future)

Lastly, our children are not the best things to ever happen to us and we do not thank God everyday for blessing us with two beautiful, wonderful, and glorious children!

Hope everyone else has a Not My Child, Not So Wonderful Monday!


J~Less said...

so cute....ahhhhh yes...the joys of motherhood....I can't wait to join you on that one someday ;)