Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday...

Getting back into the tradition of NMM's here is this weeks post of things I most certainly did not do:

I did not enjoy having all my family down from all the different states in which they came from..who would enjoy that:-)

I have not eaten some of the best food I have had in such a long time all week...and have not enjoyed eating it all day everyday! (that would just be too good to be true!)

Logan did not stay over at Papa and Grammi's all week during the reunion...and this house did not stay quiet or clean because of it:-) How could a 5 year old be messy

I did not find it disturbing that so many well-known people passed away all within 2 weeks of each sad!

I won't miss any of family as they all start leaving tomorrow to head back home, and won't miss seeing them for another 2 years!

Last but not least....I did not like having all this time to spend with family and friends and won't miss it one bit, nope NOT ME!