Monday, December 8, 2008

The Gators & Gov. Huckabee...

Our weekend consisted of the Gators who of course played for the SEC Championship & WON! We went over to my in-laws and watched the game...I was about to strangle my husband who was gonna have a heart attack until the 4th quater! I always had faith in them and knew they were gonna pull it off and become 2008 SEC Champs, Chris wasn't so confident and stressed himself out:) So now the Gators are headed to the National Championship game...can't wait...GO GATORS! After the game we had to hurry and head over to Borders bookstore Gov. Huckabee was having a book signing so off we went and prayed we made it on time. We got there at 8:30 and the signing started at 9 so we got in line and waited. The Gov. arrived 15 min. early so we got through the line and had the book signed by 9:10! We were surprised at how quick it was and it was nice to get to meet Gov. Huckabee, he congratulated us on the Gators winning. I guess he figured we were fans from having Gators on from head to toe:) I'm looking forward to reading his book, I have to wait until Chris gets done, so maybe by next month i'll be able to start We have our Christmas Tree up finally and the house is all ready for Santa's arrival in a few weeks!

Riley Giving The "Touchdown" Sign

Gator Baby

Chris With Gov. Huckabee

Gov. Huckabee


Lauren said...

Love the little gator underwear. Too cute!