Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Virus New Year...

So I said I was going to have to take care of my husband..boy was I WRONG! We both ended up getting sick and catching this virus. We we're both up all night going back and forth to the bathroom, thank goodness we didn't have to go at the same time! Luckily Logan was already staying with mom and dad, so Riley was the only one here and she slept till 6. I called mom to come get her so that way she would be out of the house and far..far..far away from the germs. Chris's mom and dad came and picked her up from there and kept her last night for us..i'm so luckily to have wonderful in-laws! So our New Years Eve consisted of sleeping, since we didn't sleep a wink the night before. We are much better today and are only sore from the many trips to the bathroom...I must say it's the first time I have to take a trash bag with me to the bathroom, not fun. So since we're resting today hopefully we'll be feeling 100% by tomorrow o at least i'm praying we do. I didn't get my new years kiss until 12:25 because we slept through midnight...:) Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that 2009 will being happiness and joy! I'll try and do my year in review later if not it'll have to wait until tomorrow.


AmandaHoyt said...

I'm so sorry you got sick too but am glad to hear that you are starting to feel better.
Hugs and prayers,