Saturday, January 10, 2009

2008 National Champions...

Wed. afternoon we loaded up and headed south to Miami for the National Championship Game. We made a stop in Titusville to eat at Dixie Crossroads and it was soooo good! We arrived in Jupiter at about 8:30 and got settled in. There was a McDonald's right next to the hotel so we ran over to get a snack then back to the hotel where we watched a movie and off to bed we went. We got up Thur. morning at about 11 and started getting ready, we planned on leaving about noon to be at the Tailgate party about 2:30. We stopped at Cracker Barrel to eat since we figured it was going to our best meal all day. We arrived at Dolphin Stadium right at 2:30, we had a parking pass so it wasn't too bad of a walk about a mile or so. We parked and headed to the stadium, on the way I stepped in a pot hole and sprained my ankle...yeah I know it was bad but I limped my happy butt all the way. The tailgate party was ok, we got to see the band perform and see some old Gator players. My ankle really wasn't hurting too bad since I had been walking on it for a while so I was happy about that. We got some t-shirts and some other souvenirs and walked back to the stadium and waited for the gates to open. Gates opened at 6 and we went to the seats, we watched warm ups and finally at 8:14 it was kickoff. Our seats which we thought were the Gator section ended up being the Oklahoma section, but it wasn't too bad we had the front row and the Gator section was right next to us so it could have been much worse. Utah fans were on the left of us and I had a nice younger girl and her father next to me. We had some obnoxious drunk OU fans behind us but for the most part they were tolerable. I have lost respect for OU though after seeing how their fans can be and then the players on the field how they acted and ran their mouths when they didn't need to be especially since they were losing! Our night ended with the Gators winning and becoming 2008 National Champions and it could not have been more worth it. I have never been so stressed over a game but after Tebow's jump pass and we went up by ten I was able to relax which was only fr about 5 minutes but at least I got to really enjoy the end of the game. We got back to the hotel about 3, took a shower and went to bed. We woke up at about 11 and headed out by noon, we were all so exhausted and tired but on the way to our home sweet home. My ankle was swollen and killing me but it was all worth it, we grabbed a quick lunch at Steak-n-Shake and got back on the road...we arrived home at about 5:30 and got to sit down and watch a re-play of the game. It was defiantly the trip of a lifetime and a great experience. We had such a good time and will never forget it...can't wait for next football season only 8 months to go! I have tons of pictures..I posted them on my myspace so if you wanna see them all they're there:)

Chris & Me with the National Champions in the background

In front of the stadium

Father & Sons

Gator Band at Tailgate Party

At the Tailgate Party

Running out of the tunnel

Final Score 24-14

Trophy Presentation

The boys at Dixie Crossroads


Hollie said...

I would have LOVED to be there!
great photos!

AmyT said...

Though I'm not a fan - I'm sure it was an amazing time!!! I love going to games. Sorry about your ankle! Great pics btw!