Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday...

Well since I missed last Monday and haven't been really in-tuned with my blogging the past week here is a couple weeks worth of me...not being me!

I'll start with the fact that I did not just yesterday on the fourth day of month start taking down my Christmas decorations when I usually have this done by the 2nd.

I did not spend three days in bed with a BAD virus that left me out of toilet paper and trash bags!

In the three days I spent in bed I did not enjoy getting to sleep...even though it may not have been very good sleep, but sleep non-theless.

I did not forget to buy milk of all things yesterday when we made a trip to the store and I did not want a bowl of cereal sooo bad last night but no avail.

Me and Chris did not drive to THREE diffrent stores yesterday looking for a cradel cap kit so that we do Riley's hair...and did any of three have it, i'll let you figure it out.

I did not enjoy getting to ride four-wheelers with my son over Christmas vaction.

Lastly, I did not have a wonderful Christmas with my husband, son and daughter...we did not enjoy it at ALL!

Hope everyone is having a fast moving Monday!