Sunday, September 14, 2008

Time To Rest...

Wow it's been a while since I wrote...I guess that shows how much my mind has been thinking of every other thing going on. It's been a busy and crazy couple of weeks! Logan is loving school still and comes home every day with a new song and every week they have a new bible verse. I wasn't too sure of how Trinity was going to be at first but he has learned so much and is impressing me more and more. Chris is starting to like it too which he wasn't too sure about it in the beginning either. Mon.-Fri. I'm on the road until around 3:30 so it leaves little to be said about this's not a horrible mess just wish I could do a really deep clean on it but with my back and a huge bowling ball belly it makes for a difficult time. I hope that we can have it all cleaned and straightened by next weekend. Only 2 more weekends without Riley, it's hard to think that she'll be here that quick then it seems like such a long time, at the same time....just one of those things I guess. Our weekends have been college football filled so that's keeping us entertained and making the time go by. The Hawaii and Miami game we're a blast and my last games for a while:( but it's ok..Gators are doing great and on the way to another Championship! They had a by-week this week so no game but we go to enjoy all the other ones! I have my next appt. on Tues. so I'm hoping for some good news that she might come early she's just been really painful this last week, the dropping aches and pains as they're called. Speaking of baby news some friends of ours got some GREAT news that they are expecting and we can't be more elated for them, we have been praying for them everyday. We are now praying for a healthy and happy eight months ahead! There is still one couple that we know, we don't talk all the time but we do see them every now and again and we're praying for them as well...and wishing nothing but blessings go their way! I'm very impressed we didn't have a hospital visit this weekend, Chris had to go last Sunday with an allergic reaction..and then I was off to the ER on Wed. with swelling in my throat so it was half way closed....very scary and I pray I never have to go through that again. It's actually been a relaxing weekend and a weekend where we could just take a breath and look around and enjoy it. That's all I have for now...if anything else comes up I will be sure and update! Loving my husband..and our family more everyday:)