Sunday, September 21, 2008

Deep Clean...

The last weekend we have to get the house all cleaned and straightened and what did we do...we actually got it done! I feel so much better having a clean and neat household once again:) I still have a few loads of clothes to get done but the majority of all the house is done. Speaking of house they came and marked off the house and are gonna break ground on it in the morning. I am so excited that it's finally under way and rolling. They give an estimate of around 5 months but I'll take what I can get as long as it gets done. The house being clean gives such a great back is killing me now but over all I feel so accomplished, I guess a big part is it wasn't just the house it was also the car that got cleaned too so today was my deep clean day. It's back to the routine in the morning...Logan's open house is Tues. so we're looking forward to it, he's been singing "God Bless America" and all the other songs he's learned and saying all of his verses....he's getting so big and turning into our Lil' man instead of our Lil' munchkin. Our last weekend of peace and not running around everywhere was very nice....I know I'm gonna miss it but I am certainly looking forward to everything too. Other than Logan's open house and a doctors appt. on Wed. this week isn't too hectic so I'm gonna try and enjoy it as much as possible. Nothing exciting going on so not much to update on just hoping the next week and half fly by. I guess it's off to bed in which I'm hoping to sleep better than I have been, I've been so exhausted that I'm praying I'll just go right to sleep and stay asleep....Goodnight and hopefully very sweet dreams!