Thursday, January 21, 2010

Word To Ya Mother...

My friend Christen had an Upper Case Living party a couple months ago and I bought some things to go in the house. If you know my family then yes my brother-in-law does vinyl lettering and is awesome at it but I was helping out a friend and they had some really neat I went ahead and bought a few things:-) I LOVE them and they were really easy to put up, I was actually proud of myself for getting them up and even! I didn't get to take a picture of Riley's initials since she was sleeping and I do have one more thing to put in my entry but I need the 12ft. ladder to do that but I did manage to get everything else done, my favorite is the chalkboard for my kitchen as you can see I already put it to use!

The half-door for the kids playroom upstairs in the bonus room

I put this on our fireplace doors in the living room

Riley's door...the pic. is a lil crooked I want to get her name to go in the middle of it:-)