Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thickle Thursday....

Today has been my hardest day so far getting on track for the day. Maybe I pushed too hard the past couple days with my new diet by i'm doing sooo good! I am for once in my life very proud of myself and I know it's only the first week but usually by now I have given in at least once. I am doing my walking and feel so much better since starting again, I started with a mile and have made it to a mile and goal is 2 miles next week! The devil has certainly been tempting me, as a perfect example I went through good 'ol McD's yesterday to get Logan some lunch. I ordered him McNuggets w/ apple slices and me just 1 grilled chicken honey mustard wrap, I had my water and some strawberries so I was set (so I thought!) I get Logan all set and then go to look in my bag....duh duh duh a whole 10 piece chicken nugget w/ bbq sauce was sitting there smelling oh so delicious and NO grilled snack wrap. Oh the temptation...but I was good I stuck to it and did not give in! I instead closed the bag and kept picturing what I'm gonna look like after I lose my weight. Since I had no back up plan I swung through Taco Bell and got 1 grilled chicken soft taco w/ just lettuce and light cheese:-) My hubby later demolished the 10 piece so that I couldn't be tempted anymore..*thanks honey, how did they taste? Never mind I DO NOT want to know!* So so far so good on the diet front, and I know this time will power is gonna win over my want power! I have some great new recipes to post so hopefully i'll get them up later today!


Lauren said...

I'm proud of you girl!

Meant to ask, do you go out walking or are you using a treadmill? If you go out, let me know and I'll join you one of these days!

Keep up the good work!

~Andrea~ said...

I use a treadmill now because I can't find anybody to walk with so that would be awesome! I'll talk with ya tonight about it:-) *yeah*