Tuesday, March 9, 2010

T-Ball, Test, & I Need Some Rest...

Wow...what a busy time we have been having over the past month! T-ball has started back, baseball season is here..and so is baby season! Everyone is expecting or has already had there precious bundle of joy. Our dear friend Jamie and her husband Mike just had their baby and he is the cutest lil' thing with the biggest feet i've ever seen. I can never remember Logan or Riley being that small! We have some baseball trips coming up and Logan is super excited to be going to games again. School is going good for Logan he is reading really good but still has some mess-ups here and there...it can be so frustrating trying to make him get it and has made me realize that I should never take for granted the fact that I can read. It's hard as a mom watching him struggle with something that I think is so easy, but he is such a big boy and is trying his hardest. T-ball is officially back in action with opening day for Hilliard on Sat., we can't wait to watch those Rebels:-) Logan had two test this week and has his big SAT test all next week..i'm praying so hard for him and knowing that he is going to do his best! My weight loss is going good, I started back weight watchers and it has helped tremendously since I now know how much i'm suppose to be eating. They were telling me I wasn't eating enough, so let me get this straight I need to eat more to lose more..I don't understand this body sometimes. I have been going to the gym and loving it, loving it, loving it..it makes me feel so much better about myself and have more energy through the day. Lil' miss Riley is doing great she is getting ready for her 18 month check up in a few weeks and I can't wait to see how much she has grown! She is talking more and more and learning so many new things. That's a short update on life here at the Burns, i'm hoping to slow down and have more time to update so i'll try my hardest! I would like to express my sorrow for a former classmate and friend Derik....he always knew how to make everyone smile and laugh no matter what they were going through and I just wish he would have reached out to some of us about what he was going through. He was a great person and will surly be missed by everyone who had the pleasure to know and meet him, but even more by those who called him a friend!