Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Spring Time, A Ring-A-Ling Time...

If you've watched the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Great Club House Hunt episode then you understand that title. Spring (we think) is officially here! T-Ball is off to a wonderful start and Spring Training is in full swing. To top of the wonderful month of March our Munchkin' will be turning 6 on Wed..where does all the time go? He is super excited for his b-day party next week and I found some great decorations for the "Gator" bash:) Over this past weekend I heard some heart-breaking news that a friend had lost her cousin in a car accident and that her children were fighting for themselves. The youngest lost her fight last night so I ask for you to pray for these families and that God will grant them peace and understanding. Another thing that has made me upset is the House passing the Health Care Bill, our rights have been stripped by this bill and the fact that the Dems. ignored the American people and passed this piece of Legislation shows me that our country is headed into it's final days. I am not only upset for Chris and I but mostly for Logan & Riley who ill have to pay for this bill and it's huge price tag! I know that God has control of this and that my worry goes to him but I still can't help and get aggravated at the people who voted this monster into office. Back to some good are some pics from t-ball and our trip down to Viera for Spring Training: