Sunday, June 7, 2009

Toothie Breakthrough....

Well, my blogging has been lacking to say the least. With the end of school, t-ball and the colds my children seem to be getting over it's been hard to find time to sit down and have time to write. Now for the *biggest* announcement of this week...Riley finally has her first tooth *shrill of excitement* YEAH! I went to put her Orajel on her gums this morning before going to church and I felt it:-) We are so excited and all over this little tooth but hey she's been working on them for 8 months so this is big for us. On the ear front, Riley is finally getting her referral for the ENT! She still has fluid so the Dr. is going ahead with the tubes and since she has a cold right now it's only a matter of time the doctor said before her ear gets re-infected. We are also happy with the decision to go ahead and have her gets tubes, we know we tried everything before turning to surgery so we know we done all we could. Things on the Riley front are defiantly looking up, she's now 8 months and getting so BIG, she standing with help and letting go. She doesn't attempt to walk but she does stand by herself for a good's progress. Logan is done with school and t-ball so now to find something for the summer, he has way too much energy to be inside all day so i'm looking for a summer activity for him. He's such a mess and is growing like a weed...not to mention he has been such a wonderful big brother and helps me out tremendously. That's about all the updates lately....hope everyone has a wonderful kickoff to the summer season!


Amanda Hoyt said...

Praying for Riley's upcoming ear appointment and surgery.