Monday, November 17, 2008

It's A Long Story...

I can't even conceive that it's been a month since I've written.... first off we've been so busy with the house and Riley it doesn't seem like it's been a month. I guess first thing first..Riley is doing great, she has a bit of a stopped up nose but other than that healthy and perfect. Logan had to go to the doctor he had a right ear infection and croup cough but some antibiotics and steroids and back to normal! Riley is getting so big and time is flying by she is already 6 weeks old, I finally got her newborn pics. and announcements in so now I just have to find time to put labels on and get them in the mail. Logan is still doing so good in school and it's amazing what all they are learning the teacher said by the end of Dec. they should be reading words...words...! The next update would be on mine and Chris's activities we have been to the Gator games of course...Kentucky was fun, Hal and Jenn sat with us and it was fun to have friends there with us and getting to enjoy the game with them! Florida/Georgia was a BLAST, that was the BEST game I have been to (as of right now) in my life..we had so much fun and it was nice to get to be us and enjoy a day of "us" and football. Vandy was next and oh what a story hence the title of this was away in Nashville so we set off on Fri. afternoon to head up to there. We got about an hour West of Chattanooga when our charging light came on, my bro-in-law said it was either the belt or the alternator so we got to the welcome center and the lights went off and so we were stuck. It was now 7 central time and we were stopped at the welcome center in like 30 degree weather...luckily the guard was super nice and called a tow truck for us. We waited for about an hour and half and the tow truck came and got us, he said it def. was the alternator and couldn't be fixed until morning so he took us to the nearest hotel about a mile away. The hotel wasn't the Hilton by any means but it wasn't roach central either, so we had an adventurous night and just went with the flow, well I did Chris wasn't so We both agreed it could be much worse and we would have a story to tell at our 50th anniversary:) Chris kept joking that it was like National Lampoons Vacation but I didn't think it was quite that bad, we finally went to sleep and woke up went across the street and got some breakfast. The tow man called about 9:30 and said it was ready to roll so they came and picked us up. We went to his shop and paid the bill which was 400.00$ we weren't so happy with having to spend it but it needed fixin' and so we got all that settled and on the road again we went. We finally got to Nashville at out hotel at noon and got checked in, it was the team hotel so we got to see some of the players and stuff we went to the room and relaxed for a while since the game wasn't until 7. The game was GREAT and we had a great time after everything, it was about 20 degrees with the wind chill but still we had a blast! I wouldn't change the trip for anything so yet again God made us take a detour but ended up blessing us as always! South Carolina was this past weekend and we took Logan it was his first game of this season and he had so much fun. Our house is all dried in and the shingles are suppose to be on by the end of the week and then after the plumbing and electrical get done hopefully by next week, the brick will be going on...YEAH..we are so excited and so ready to be in our house. Gosh I feel like there's so much I'm leaving out but this entry is so long already so I'll leave with the note that I am so blessed and thankful for everything that God has given us and can't wait to see what else is in store!