Monday, August 3, 2009

Pop-Up Video

I loved that are a couple videos of Riley that I have recorded over the past few weeks. Our lil' girl turns 10 months old today! Still can't believe how big she's getting....(Blogger was taking forever so I used YouTube) Hope you get some laughs:-)


Lauren said...

She's such a sweetheart! Natalie used to do the same kind of thing with her arms when she was done eating.

BTW, I need to post those pics from the other day. The cupcakes look just as yummy in the pictures as they did in real life! =)

~Andrea~ said...

Oh yes ma'am, but then your gonna want to make me go get some more:-)

Jaime said...

LOVE this videos!!!! lol!!

Zane's getting to where he'll shake his head no... it's so funny... he looks like Ray Charles when he does it!! lol!

J~Less said...

So looks like she was getting more frustrated with you interrupting her Mickey Mouse show....hahaha!